Contained within the walls of these pages are my creations, my legacies. Long after I'm gone (well as long as the hosting and domain fees are paid haha) if any of you feel the melancholic need for my presence, all you have to do is revisit this site and try to enjoy my art, the product of my battles against my daily demons.


-Jenell Diegor





I recently started taking courses in photography and joining challenges on GuruShots. Here are some of my award-winning photos, some of which are being featured in gallery exhibitions around the world!

Asian On A Mission

is a production company that is geared towards creating films. The name stems from Jenell's personal travel mission of visiting the New7Wonders of the World alone - a feat that she completed on July 30, 2016!

Information about Jenell's books, online courses and film productions can be found on this site.